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HIWIN Bearings Introduction

Author : Date : 8/10/2013 9:37:26 AM

Founded in 1989, HIWIN is the first ballscrew manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 (1992) and ISO 14001 (1997) in the world.

HIWIN is currently the only manufacturer producing the full lines of super precision ballscrews, precision linear bearings, precision linear motion guideways, linear motors, and linear actuators.

HIWIN is an acronym from "A HI-Tech WINner". It has become the 3rd largest ball screw producer in the world. The infrastructures of the company's plants were designed and constructed based on the requirement of constant temperature, stabilized moisture, and vibration prevention for the manufacturing of advanced high precision mechanical parts. In addition to the UK Hiwin have plants and companies in Taiwan, Germany and the United States. Furthermore, we have a solid worldwide networking of agencies and representatives in many countries including UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, etc.

HIWIN is also the world's first ballscrew manufacturer certified by ISO 9001 (1992), ISO 14001 (1997), and OHSAS 18001(2002), and the only manufacturer of super precision ballscrews, linear stage, precision linear bearings, and precision linear guideways.

Along with HIWIN's drivers and motion controllers, Precision Movement Specialists Ltd provides customers with total solutions at low cost.